Wolf herrings

Wolf herrings – (Chirocentrus spp) <Pilot species – Work in Progress – for some more interim information CLICK HERE>

Photos: J.Randall (left: C. dorab; right: C. nudus)

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Chirocentrus dorab Forsskal 1775; C. nudus Swainson 1839 Photo. M.J. Williams, 2010 THE FACTS

  • Two species of closely related marine fish that inhabit warm coastal waters
  • Grow to about 1m in length but most in markets are much smaller
  • Used mainly on local markets and in many different forms
  • Sought after by fish gourmets and chefs in its different forms, including for making fish balls and fish crackers
HOW IS IT PRODUCED?Caught with a variety of fishing gears in warm coastal waters in the Indo-West Pacific. Used in many different ways including eaten fried, dried, in fish balls, fish crackers, fish sauce and soups, and in recreational fishing as a target fish and as bait for game fish such as Spanish mackerel and marlins.WHERE IS IT PRODUCED?Wolf herrings are caught throughout their range.WHO EATS IT?Most markets are local, although some is traded internationally. Local uses are often specific and the fish may go straight from fishing vessels to local processors, or to local wet markets. Rarely seen in supermarkets. Specialist uses in local markets and widely appreciated by consumers who distinguish among different fish species.


Assam laksa (noodles in tangy fish gravy)


SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE An important part of local mixed tropical species fish catches, including in small scale fisheries. Creates home and small local factory employment for women in coastal areas in post harvest processing and selling.NUTRITION FACTSHigh levels of omega-3 poly unsaturated fatty acids (33% of all PUFAs – Edirisinghe et al 1998)(following details to be added from Tee et al 1987)Calories:

Calories from fat:

Total fat:



Total carbohydrate:

Dietary fiber:



Vitamin A:

Vitamin C:

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