Basa – Production

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WILD HARVEST FISHERY. In the Mekong, basa is caught in the bagnet fishery in Cambodia and during its upstream migration over the Khone Falls on the Cambodia-Lao PDR border (Ish and Doctor 2007). Basa fry are harvested illegally in the wild, predominately in Cambodia, for growout in aquaculture cages and ponds in Vietnam and Cambodia.Gender Roles in Wild Harvest Fishery<to be added> AQUACULTURE. Aquaculture production of basa and tra in the Lower Mekong Basin is carried out in Vietnam and Cambodia. The production in Cambodia is small; in 2005, approximately 4 000 tonnes produced in Cambodia compared to 370 000 tonnes in Vietnam.<need updated figute: 2006: 505K Pangas catfishes nei in FAO stats – all countries>.In Vietnam, most fry are hatchery-produced, although culturists still prefer wild-capture fry (Bun, 1999). Wild-caught or hatchery reared-fry are kept in ponds until the grow-out stage (Ish and Doctor, 2007). Commercial grow-out production of river catfish occurs either in earthern ponds or in cages and pens in natural water bodies (Hung et al., 2003). However, basa is raised only in net cages (Cuyvers and Binh, 2008). Basa is produced at much lower levels than tra, mainly because it is less hardy, grows slower, and is more expensive to produce (Edwards et al., 2004). Fecundity of basa is also up to 10 times lower than tra and it has lower tolerance of poor water quality (Ish and Doctor, 2007).Basa also has a lower dress-out weight than tra (Edwards et al., 2004).Gender Roles in Aquaculture Production. <to be added>
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