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The information on skipjack was compiled and written by Patricia Kailola, and edited by Meryl Williams and Derek Staples.

Information Provided by the Following

  • John Hampton (Secretariat for the Pacific Community -SPC)
  • Johan D. Bell, SPC (Pacific Island consumption patterns, climate change)
  • Lindsay Chapman, SPC (Pacific Island consumption patterns)
  • Simon Hoyle – SPC
  • Peter Williams – SPC
  • Peter Nichols (CSIRO, Australia)
  • IOTC
  • Victor Restrepo ISSF
  • Ludwig Kumoru – Papua New Guinea, National Fisheries Authority
  • Leontine Baje – PNG NFA
  • M. Shiham Adam – Maldives Marine Research Centre (and Founding Trustee of the International Pole-and-Line Foundation, IPNLF,
  • FAO – for use of figures
  • Fishbase team


Drafts of the presentation were reviewed by the following:

  • John Hampton (SPC)
  • Victor Restreppo (ISSF, SAC Chair)
  • Johann Bell (SPC)
  • Lindsay Chapman (SPC)
  • Meryl Williams (AsiaPacific-FishWatch)

Photographs and Graphics

  • Secretariat for the Pacific Community
  • Johann Bell (SPC)
  • International Seafood Sustainability Foundation
  • Fabien Forget (ISSF)
  • David Itano (ISSF, personal)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Warren Scomi (SPC)
  • Wikimedia Commons

Funding and Support

Funding to prepare the skipjack information was provided by the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation ( and the Asian Fisheries Society (

In-kind support has been provided by the host organizations of those who provided information and reviewed drafts.


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